Ep 10: Journey into Spiritual Depths: Unlocking the Secrets of Channelling and Initiation Featuring Starr Fuentes

Episode 10

Journey into Spiritual Depths: Unlocking the Secrets of Channelling and Initiation

Featuring Starr Fuentes

Greetings, lovely listeners! In this insightful episode, we dive deep into the world of spiritual wisdom with the extraordinary Starr Fuentes. Join me as we explore her journey, touching on channelling, the importance of initiation, and overcoming breakdowns on the spiritual path.


Embark on a fascinating journey with Starr Fuentes, an exceptional spiritual guide. The conversation delves into the intricacies of channelling, the different facets of spiritual initiation, and the resilience required to navigate breakdowns on the profound journey of self-discovery.

Key Takeaways:

The Essence of Channelling: Starr emphasises the need for surrender and a profound connection with one's higher power. Channelling requires relaxation, discernment, and a deep understanding of the energies at play.

Initiation and Resilience: Initiations are stepping stones, not the entire staircase. Starr shares her wisdom on the significance of having a teacher, partner, or mentor to provide feedback and guidance during the transformative process.

Spiritual Breakdowns: Moments of wanting to quit are essential. They offer an opportunity to reevaluate and strengthen your commitment to the spiritual path. Breakdowns are not failures but crucial components of growth.

The Purpose of Problems: Problems arise to keep you on your purpose. Each challenge contributes to the firmness and clarity of your spiritual path, allowing you to emerge stronger and more grounded.

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*This is recorded in live conversation, the sound may be affected, but the transmission is of the highest. 


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