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Welcome to 'The Calling' podcast with Homaya, a guiding light on your transformative journey toward self-realization, spiritual growth, and personal empowerment.

Whether you're navigating crossroads, seeking inner harmony, or envisioning a life of abundance and joy, this podcast serves as your invitation to dive deep into your unique soul blueprint.

Join us as we drink from the well of life, aligning with your path, learning to be in love with your Self and discovering the immense power within.

Let this podcast be your invitation to turn your life fully ON and experience the pure bliss of a heightened existence!

The Episodes

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Journey into Spiritual Depths: Unlocking the Secrets of Channelling and Initiation

In this insightful episode, we dive deep into the world of spiritual wisdom with the extraordinary Starr Fuentes- Homaya's beloved mentor and teacher for over 20 years. Join us as we explore her journey, touching on channelling, the importance of initiation, and overcoming breakdowns on the spiritual path.

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Unveiling the Dance of Energies: A Transformative Journey

Today, we have a very special treat – a captivating conversational dance of energies and frequencies with the wonderful Juliette Karaman, which opens possibilities and greater horizons. Listen as we journey through the topics of spiritual growth, energetic realignment, and the beauty of nonlinear evolution. The downloads from this conversation are priceless!

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Exploring Dyadic Consciousness, Unity and Transforming Beliefs

In this episode, Sri Namaste and Homaya journey into the concept of dyadic consciousness, the intricacies of unity, love, and transformation, the evolution of human consciousness towards a paired unity, and the shedding old paradigms to make way for new ones. Themes of interconnectedness, personal growth, and spiritual awakening permeate the conversation as we explore the deeper truths beyond surface appearances.

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Homaya Amar, Spiritual activator, master healer, light codes, spiritual leader
About Homaya

Homaya is a highly attuned international spiritual leader, master teacher, and paramount healer

Known for seamlessly integrating ancient wisdom with cutting-edge contemporary modalities. She effortlessly creates transformative sacred spaces, imbued with advanced luminous codes, catalyzing profound shifts in consciousness.

With a 22-year career, Homaya has impacted thousands through in-person and online workshops and retreats, empowering individuals to unlock their highest potential in business, relationships, and personal growth.

Homaya's potent presence initiates irreversible life transformations, fostering a strong connection to your spirit, accelerating one's consciousness evolution, and igniting life force. Her unique skills are valued by mentors, coaches, and healers seeking to enhance their abilities, expand their impact and income, and step into mastery.

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