The Vortex



The Vortex is here to uplift you, and take you to a whole new level of light and energy mastery— as a healer, a life coach, a light activator, a psychic, and an intuitive being.

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A year of the highest possible spiritual nourishment

Price for 1-Year
11,111 Euros
  • Live with an awakened spiritual presence
  • Become aware of motions of energy and light, and play with them for your service and the highest good of all
  • Level up your channeling, transmission, your spiritual service and impact to new luminous heights 
  • Stand strong and united with your council of light
  • Live and manifest your most elevated potential, both in your private and professional life 
Add to that
  • Great proximity and connection with an advanced spiritual master- have the support, guidance and directed transmission your future self love to indulge in.
  • Being surrounded by your soul family of light activators, those who are making steps to a world of great care, clear truth and powerful presence.

The Vortex is open by application and invitation only.


If you are ready to enter the vortex, with your full heart, you are welcome to fill in and send us the complete application. We will review it, and come back to you with an answer within a few short days.

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 Mastermind Meeting hosted by Homaya

Active Group Connection & Calibration

Entry to All Homaya's Programs & Masterclasses in Upcoming 12 Months

Twice Weekly Online Chat Support with Homaya

4 Private Sessions with Homaya Throughout the Year

Lifetime Access to 8+ Programs & Masterclass

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About Homaya

Homaya is a highly attuned international master healer and master teacher

who brings ancient wisdom alongside leading-edge contemporary modalities, some which were never before delivered on the planet.

Effortlessly she creates and maintains a powerful sanctuary filled with sacred luminous codes, and high vibrational healing energies.

In her presence, your soul's voice sounds loud and clear, your life force is ignited and the evolution of your consciousness is accelerated, as such you rejoice in your most benevolent life.

Homaya has contributed to highly aligned transmutation in thousands of peoples’ lives while inspiring profound authenticity and unification with the light and grace within.

You are welcome to the Vortex


Entering the Vortex is through invitation or application. Please send us your complete application, for us to get to know you, feel your presence and the match with the entire group. We will respond with an answer within a few short days.

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