The Vortex




The Vortex is an upleveling spiral that moves with increasing awareness and velocity, through its acceleration a unique unified field is being created.     

Vortex is divine creation in action.

Everything that is happening in your life, all your experiences, personal and professional, are an extension of your embodied consciousness and an expression of your current frequency.

Being in an intentional masterful vortex elevates your light and energy mastery in a way that directly influences the frequency you emit and your entire presence, inside out, impacting every area of your life.

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This is a group experience, a mastermind, that offers you both a collective movement, and a fruitful soil to polish your unique remarkable energetic signature.

This activates you as a vortex, to conduct your blueprint to shine, free within its own rules, dominant, irresistibly attractive, in both spirit and matter.

Spiritual Mentorship in its highest

Investment for 1 Year
14,400 Euros
Investment for 6 months
8,888 Euros
  • Vigorously lead with your soul and spirit forward
  • Move with sharp intuition and pristine faith in your knowing
  • Alchemise universal laws with your elevated wisdom in the service of your life, relationships and business
  • Live as an awakened spiritual presence
  • Become aware of motions of energy and light, and play with them for your highest good and the highest good of all
  • Level up your energetics, channeling, transmission,and spiritual touch to new luminous heights¬†
  • Stand strong and united with your council of light and amplify your impact
  • Manifest your most elevated potential, both in your private and professional life¬†¬†

Great proximity and connection with Homaya, advanced spiritual master.

Have the support, guidance and direct transmissions.


Be in communion with your soul family of light leaders.

Walk side by side with those who create a life of abundance, health, beauty and bliss, for themselves and the world.

The Vortex is open by application 

Once you are ready to enter The Vortex, with your full heart, you are welcome to complete the application. We will come back to you with an answer within a few short days.

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 Mastermind Meeting hosted by Homaya

Active Group Connection & Calibration

Entry to All Homaya's Programs & Masterclasses 

Twice Weekly Online Chat Support with Homaya

Quarterly Private Sessions with Homaya 

Lifetime Access to special Programs & Masterclasses

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About Homaya

Homaya is a globally recognized spiritual luminary, master teacher, and paramount healer,

known for her unique ability to synthesize ancient wisdom with innovative modalities. She effortlessly creates sacred spaces filled with advanced luminous codes and transformational energies of the highest frequency, facilitating profound shifts in consciousness.

Over her 22-year career, she has touched tens of thousands of lives worldwide through in-person and online workshops and retreats, guiding individuals toward a high-level manifestation of their true potential in business, relationships, and personal growth. She has mentored key figures across sectors, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and has developed successive generations of healers in 10 countries.

Homaya's potent and profound presence catalyzes irreversible life transformations with her breath. In her field, your soul's voice resonates distinctly, your life force ignites, and your consciousness evolution accelerates, leading to a joyous manifestation of your beyond-dream life.

Homaya's unique skills and transformative presence make her a precious asset to mentors, coaches, and healers aiming to refine their craft, enrich their capabilities, and reach significant impact and income levels. Her grace and mastery inspire those around her to elevate to their highest potential.

You are welcome to apply for the Vortex

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