The Luminous Collective

The Sanctuary

A sacred space of soul-nourishing mentorship, evolving companionship, phenomenal wisdom and highest light

For Light Activators of the new era
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Master your spiritual vessel and emotional vehicle
As you lead life to its highest expression of creation
Expand your light rays as the eternal light for powerful impact and rule your golden land on earth

I am Ready to Join
In The Sanctuary

You are walking your unique path of ascension as a sovereign Light Activator alongside masters in the making.

This space is divinely designed from the perspective of extraordinary comprehension, adoration and value of your nature as a light being. An emphatic, psychic, and intuitive being that was designed to lead in love.

Awaken a new way to feel as light

Master your emotional body and refine it in high frequency, bring new presence to your quality of life and well-being, and celebrate health and meaningful relationships with yourself and others.

Attune with the most significant, high vibrational currents

Expand and consistently upgrade your vibe, with ripples that will touch all your life areas, for your energetic resilience, freedom and uplifting joy.

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Own your light powers

Touch the depth of your magic from within, knowing and embracing your unique light Constitution and following your self-authority with certainty.

Move as wholeness

Unify your light wisdom and energetic awareness for you to bloom in all life aspects — a conscious personal, relationship and business expansion in all ways.

The experience went beyond Elama’s expectations…

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Elama Boudy
Energetic Healer

“I joined The Sanctuary from its beginnings in October 2019 (when it was The Greenhouse)  and I am still completely in. I would never have imagined that a virtual place could be so powerful to the point that it would literally impact my daily life in such a profound way. And that it could transform me the way it does…

Homaya holds the energetic space of The Sanctuary with outstanding mastery and she keeps insisting on the fact that this space isn't actually created by her but rather by the presence of all the members in it.”

During his time in the Sanctuary — Elama have moved to be a fully booked healer, created few signature programs, transformed his intimate relationship with his loved one, and scaled his monthly income. 

The Sanctuary Includes

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Light Activator Imprint



Calibrate to the light codes that are engraved in your energetic constitution and step into enhanced living.

Once entering The Sanctuary you will be invited to explore and activate your Light Imprint by igniting aspects in your ascension journey that are specific to your own light constitution!

Tap into your higher purpose, learn about the way you move, live, and make an impact in this world effortlessly, exactly as you are!

This process includes introspective guidance and an activation sequence- you will feel seen, confident peaceful and you will celebrate your being, as is!


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Build and strengthen your emotional maturity, independence and intelligence.

Intimately knowing where you stand emotionally, learning how to master this free flowing energy that reacts to others faster than responding to your needs, and having the ability to harness this fantastic emotional body will elevate your relationship with yourself and with others, moving you into intentionally projecting a brighter reality.

You tap into the realm of emotions in a way that moves you into a healthy emotional energy flow- while having an increased awareness of how emotions operate and live in you and in others. It will also give you extra tools and wisdom as you guide others.
This is a 6-module self-led course.
Each module will be released monthly and include pre-recorded teachings, inner work, meditations, and activations.


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Bolsters your self-authority and anchors you into creator consciousness.

One of the greatest mysteries of the Light Activators on this planet is the dynamic they have with themselves and others. The connection, the care, the service, and leading with a powerful presence.
Once this level of sovereignty becomes a mastery, your limitless thriving nature shines through.

This part of the teachings- shifting away from the sometimes overwhelming feelings induced by your sensitive nature will open you to leading yourself and others to a life aligned with prosperity consciousness, original presence, high value, natural embodiment, inner strength, and freedom.

This state is the essential spark of light that makes you unique and irreplaceable- a full embodiment of your light imprint.

A powerful 6-module course, an out-of-this-world transmission, each module will be released monthly and include pre-recorded teachings, inner work, meditations, and activations.

Enter Your Ascension Journey

Join the Sanctuary

As a bonus, you will also get...

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A Light Collective

Journeying Together

This is where the members of The Sanctuary are able to go deeper, expand and connect, all the things spiritual, emotional maturity and Sovereignty.

Meet, engage, thrive and celebrate with like-minded and like-hearted people.

Be there to share, support, hold space, witness and be seen as one, as the one, and as the one of many.

This is a collective private group in FB, where conversations about the content, and all dynamics that spout from it, and its echo in life are held.


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Master Mentorship Call


Live conversation and mentorship with Homaya

This is a precious moment where you can choose to have direct guidance and support from Homaya, in a live session.

This is also a unique opportunity to be in close proximity with a master while a spiritual mentorship is offered, hold space for a greater collective impact, be induced with high vibrational contemporary codes and get inspired by witnessing a master in action.

The live group meetings with Homaya are happening monthly via Zoom.

I highly appreciated being part of this group of committed people to evolve and awaken the mastery within

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Filipa Abreu
Pharmacist and Homeopath

“I began a beautiful cycle, and since then a soft and sharpened guidance entered my life.

Different topics each month presented with a Teaching, a Sharing, a Practice and an Alignment session make the fertile soil for golden seeds to burgeon.

Every subject links the next with a mastery that opens new paths. With the gentleness of each step, layers of consciousness are shifted, and I am becoming more and more aware of the subtle energies of life.”

While being in this beautiful luminous space, Filipa experienced various transformations, she became a mother for the second time, activated her psychic abilities, together with her partner and her family they started a new chapter in life - traveling the world and creating a freedom based business and life.

To join, and enter your ascension journey choose the path that best fits your light:

12 Months of Light & Evolution inside

The Sanctuary

Pay in Full

2222 Euros

Yes, Thank You!

Payment Plan

777 Euros (x3)

Yes, Thank You!

Clicking on the link will lead you to a secure payment link, after it, we will meet in The Sanctuary!

Being seen, understood and served in the most pristine way while you move through the brave work of spiritually evolving, personally and professionally expanding to new highs.

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This is both the anchoring support and heaven portal for you to rise regardless of your current situation and shine beyond what you can envision.

The Sanctuary is a supercharger for inspiration and alignment…

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Emma Jane Richardson
Psychologist and Coach

“'s a university where I can access master teachings and practices, it is a friend, it's a village, it's a hug and so many other things!

And if like me, constantly evolving yet sometimes get overwhelmed and fall off the wagon, my experience is that just being in the room of the Sanctuary will support you.

Knowing that I can access all the content at my own pace and my own time without "failing the course" healed something for me in feeling that I can commit to a year-long program without it becoming a "job to do" or “a diploma to succeed”

While being part of this sacred space - Emma expanded the range and scale of her Business and professional services, experienced deepening in her relationship and in her personal life, deeper access to her own wisdom and an overall feeling of owning her gifts and power.

This Space Is For

Light Activators who walk through life with spiritual vision

Who are dedicated to evolving, transforming, and impacting through self-awareness and energetic mastery and presence. 

Those who live with an open heart

A walking antenna, potent transmitters, believe in their power and know they are just starting- and there is so much more waiting for them, and the world!

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People who keeps stretching their Singularity

Their awareness of their unique soul blueprint) to new levels while being part of a group of people in great diversity.

Those who know that emotional maturity and sovereignty are the foundation of any type of success

Personal, professional, financial, and global) in a world that is based on care, love, joy, wisdom and harmony as virtues.

The pioneers, the leaders, the new Earth healers and business owners

Who have the vision and desire of a benevolent life for themselves and all, and are willing to do the conscious inner work and practical moves of creating this life.

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My prosperity consciousness increased miraculously

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Dr. Henia Lichter
Ophthalmologist and Energetic Healer

“The personal development and evolving of consciousness that I have gone through and additionally my entire family, my clients, my environment and my entire life in this period is unbelievable…

During the last year, as a result of being part of this sacred space, the practice and the community, the level of my feeling of liberty, and self-trust up-leveled to a whole new stage.”

During her time in this sacred space Henia uplevel her self-awareness, increased her inner pece and creativity, transformed her relationship with her family members, expanded her services and clientel, and increased her income.

Every time I listen to them I learn more and more

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Beth Nierman Shahar

"The teachings within this space are so deeply profound, that every time I listen to them I learn more and more, of how to connect to my inner self and how to navigate in this world that can be sometimes difficult.

I have so much trust, love and faith in Homaya, I feel like my whole life as a seeker has led me to her, and I am so thankful for this.

To be in this space, in the SANCTUARY, with Homaya, the wisest, and most compassionate spiritual leader today, and with the other participants.

To be in the Sanctuary is to come home.
So grateful for Homaya and The SANCTUARY. This is the real thing!!!

While being in this sacred space, Beth completely shifted her emotional body, she gain back her emotions, courage and voice, experience a bust and up-leveling in her creativity and life force, created workshops and healing art, increased her collaboration, She is feeling freedom and advancing as “the healer that I have always dreamed to be”.

About Homaya

Homaya is a highly attuned international spiritual leader, master teacher and paramount healer, renowned for her riveting ability to merge as one ancient wisdom and leading-edge contemporary modalities, some of which were never before delivered on the planet.

Effortlessly, she activates a powerful sacred space filled with advanced luminous codes and transformational energies of the highest frequency, facilitating profound shifts in consciousness.

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Over the course of a 22-year career, Homaya has shared her light and medicine worldwide, orchestrating in-person and online ceremonies, workshops, and retreats, activating dozens of thousands of people to their utmost aligned potential in business, relationship and personal growth. She has mentored individuals in key positions across diverse sectors, entrepreneurs, authors and artists, and has developed successive generations of healers in 10 countries.

She is the creator of ‘Light Activator Imprint’, ‘Soul Alchemy’, ‘Awakened Healer’, and ‘Windows to the Universe’ - all evolutionary codes that can support individuals and the collective to elevate and expand.

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Homaya’s presence is potent and profound as she generates irreversible and unshakable life transformations with her breath and a blink of her eye.

Once entering her field, your soul's voice sounds loud and clear, your life force is ignited, and the evolution of your consciousness is accelerated, as such, you find joy in manifesting the most benevolent version of your life.

Homaya’s unique skills, distinct presence, and touch of grace make her an invaluable asset to mentors, coaches, and healers who recognize a high level of mastery within them and wish to refine their art, enrich their capabilities, and reach the coveted level of impact and income bracket.


If you have further questions, please write an email to [email protected]

To join, and enter your ascension journey choose the path that best fits your light:

12 Months of Light & Evolution inside

The Sanctuary

Pay in Full

2222 Euros

Yes, Thank You!

Payment Plan

777 Euros (x3)

Yes, Thank You!

Clicking on the link will lead you to a secure payment link, after it, we will meet in The Sanctuary!


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