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Dive into Homaya’s teachings and discover a WHOLE NEW WAY TO LIVE

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Homaya’s teachings support and empower you to recognize and own your True Nature and become the Master of Your Life.

THE COLLECTION is eternal wisdom encapsulated by live transmissions that were intentionally given one time only by Homaya. These teachings will inspire and activate your presence and your awarness around the chosen topic. 

By entering A COLLECTION you will receive Lifetime access to a sphere of consciousness that is designed to refine your integration and evolution each time you tap into the classes.

The COLLECTION is a living space offering a variety of masterclasses and programs in different topics such as emotional maturity, healing mastery and business energetics.


The present Collection

Emotional Maturity

Build a foundation for your rapid ascension in all areas of life (including relationships, business and energetics) by strengthening your inner core and learning to navigate your realm of emotions so you can manifest and enjoy your empowered state of being.

333 Euros

Lifetime Access to Classes:

  • Me’teora
  • The Pioneer
  • God's Nature
  • Omni
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The Beauty of the Invincible Heart

Allow your emotions to support you in manifesting your deepest desires.

3 module class

110 Euros Value

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The Pioneer

Taking The Immortal Steps Your Soul is Here For 

A transformative journey of crossing your inner frontier and leading your life to new destinations.

5 module class

155 Euros Value

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God’s Nature

Activate the Most Potent Spiritual Assets in Favor of Your Creation

A sequence of radical transmissions to connect you to your greatest gifts. awakening you to set yourself free.

4 modules

155 Euros Value

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Exalt Your Wizardry

The confidence to hold greater light, and the strength to perform remarkable transformations, for yourself, for your clients, for the world.

3 modules

110 Euros Value

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About Homaya

Homaya is a highly attuned international master healer and master teacher who brings ancient wisdom alongside leading-edge contemporary modalities, some of which were never before delivered on the planet.

Effortlessly she creates and maintains a powerful sanctuary filled with sacred luminous codes, and high vibrational healing energies.

In her presence, your soul's voice sounds loud and clear, your life force is ignited and the evolution of your consciousness is accelerated, as such you rejoice in your most benevolent life.

Homaya has contributed to highly aligned transmutation in thousands of people’s lives while inspiring profound authenticity and unification with the light and grace within.

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