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Learn how to consciously travel in the ether realm and bring in wisdom, guidance and expanded vision from higher dimensions.

Welcome to a new and wonderful adventure, an exceptional initiation where you will:

  • Learn about dimensions and the way they play in this reality.
  • Be initiated and create a smooth access to three higher dimensions.
  • Embrace the gift of your subtle senses.
  • Activate your psychic abilities to a new level.

We will evoke the dimensions that allow you to:
- See auras.
- Observe past lives.
- Experience the presence of your spirit guides and angels.

You will learn how to cultivate this state so you can access the dimensions in your daily life,
Receive messages, clarity and support,
For yourself and others.

Please note:
The initiation will take place during this upcoming Fall
this is a 4 hour LIVE online class via ZOOM,
Participation is only available live,
as no recording of this class will be available.

This is a super exciting initiation,
Tune in and join intentionally.


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