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Your Portal to High-Resolution Guidance from Your Higher Self

A Mini-program

Learn how to unlock and reveal infinite answers beyond 'yes' or 'no', Supporting you in crafting your life and business with precision and alignment that will direct your life trajectory with your highest trajectory.

In this mini-program you will learn:  

  • Purification processes 
  • Being in your center & keeping your center
  • How to ask a question from a Master perspective
  • The difference between Yes, No, and maybe, in the eyes of your higher self
  • Expanding the Pendulum effect through sacred geometry
  • Reading and translating potency & intensity as guidance

This powerful tool will allow you to make effective decisions in a fun and accurate way

The Pendulum Mini-program is precious for those who have never used The Pendulum as well as those who are using it for years. The teachings will go far beyond Yes & No questions into the realm of sacred geometry and how to incorporate that with The Pendulum wisdom.

Once the teachings are integrated, you will be able to apply this wisdom to various areas of your life and to support your clients on their journey.

Recording access will be available for 3 months For your practice and integration.



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The Pendulum - 550 Euros

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