Healer, Lightworker,

Bring into life your Healing and Light abilities, regardless of your or your client's
physical location!

Complete and detailed initiation
to the art of healing beyond distance

• Online Course •

During this time period of major shifts on the planet, we are crossing a powerful portal that rearranges and bends the perception of time and space.

Structures are falling and dissolving and new dimensions are becoming tangible.

In this new reality, you easily expand your wisdom and reach -
However, your physical capacities for encounters stay limited.

If you work with energy medicine, traditionally transmitting healing in person orthrough touch, now is the greatest time to birth yourself wiser, stronger, and more free, 

As a person,

As a Lightworker,

As a Healer…

Your energetic touch is now ready to expand,

you can consciously stretch your etheric hands, give wings to your loving care and direct your transmission, effectively,

beyond matter.

The core of healing is free flowing energy, that heals beyond matter limitations, healing beyond distance, is a natural step in your mastery.


Sync your light and healing services with the

current frequencies,


The complete guide for
Safe and efficient healing beyond distance 

For beginners and experienced healers! For energetic and hands-on therapists!

Six precious hours of high vibrational content teaching videos,
Six rich modules that cover all that you need, from theory to practicality that you can immediately apply to support the healing process of your clients. And more...

Through this initiation you will be able to:

  • Sharpen your abilities and strengthen your foundations as a Light worker and a Healer - whether you are a beginning or an experienced healer.
  • Practice relevant energetic hygiene for distance healing and feel safe and clear in your offering.
  • Expand your perception about the morphology and cosmology of distance healing that will upgrade how you hold space for effective Limitless Transmissions!
  • Obtain the energetic structure for a limitless transmission that suits any technique you are already using!
  • And be initiated to two energetic tools (technique and frequency) that will give you what you need to play between ongoing healing and core transformation.
  • Tune into the most potent light rays, the most updated energetic presence that can establish greater levels of strength and peace for both you and your clients.
  • Support your clients from any location, and bring ease and light into many people's hearts!
    Increase your level of income as you empower your energetic reach.

Be the LightHouse beyond seas, continents and skies

In this on-line initiation:

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Get a clear foundation for this initiation and set yourself up for a deep learning and perfect integration, so these teachings indeed will land fully within you and become a part of the stream of services you offer.

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Connect to the cosmology and morphology of a healing session.
Understand how intentional healing is transmitted from one person to another.
    Gain wisdom and greater confidence in the states and the waves of the distance healing sessions you offer.

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Get acquainted with four different settings you can use for limitless transmission that will serve you as you get more experienced, including creating a healing altar and transmitting light to large numbers of people simultaneously.
You will also find here the guidance you need to keep your energy field clean and clear before and after sessions.

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Be initiated to a very effective and beautiful healing that combines cosmic and telluric waves to conduct healing at a core level.

You will use this transmission daily, and also every time you wish to bring vital balance and centering for everyone, including yourself.

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In this module you will receive the blissful initiation for transmitting Diamond and Platinum Rays and more...
These are the most upgraded and updated rays you can work with these days, and they serve you both in healing touch and healing transmission beyond distance.  

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Get your little questions answered including down to earth guidance on ways to connect with your clients in this period and guide them to benefit the best from this healing.

Seal the class and schedule your next healing session.

In Addition

Be part of an active group to go through these teachings and initiations.


Get to ask Homaya, in a live Q&A session anything, and everything that you need to integrate the teaching fully. This is an opportunity to get the extra personal touch to put you in greater confidence.


Participate in a LIVE transmission of the NEW ray available for us to play with, heal through, and transform.

This is a beautiful and uplifting masterclass where Homaya will initiate live- the four rays of the limitless transmission class and a new additional luminous ray, 

These are the rays she has been working with in the last few years, which give depth and power to the healing sessions she offers.

Celebrate their presence,  learn how to summon them to your healing, combine them for your use and apply them in an efficient and nourishing way.


Watch the full class and the recording of the additional live sessions in your own time and at your own integration rhythm.
Your access to the teaching includes space for asking your relevant clarification questions and exchanging directly with Homaya!
Start practicing Limitless Transmission immediately after completing the class.

Lightworker, it is the time to shine your light and to be of service, in a greater scope, beyond any distance and physical space!

I am Ready For An Upgrade!

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Some questions you might have

About Homaya

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Homaya is a master healer and master teacher, leading international seminars and initiations for more than 15 years.

Effortlessly she creates and maintains a powerful sanctuary filled with sacred luminous codes, and high vibrational healing energies.

In her presence, your soul's voice sounds loud and clear, impossible to ignore, your life force is ignited for you to rejoice in life, miraculous healing naturally emerges, and you accelerate the evolution of your consciousness.

Homaya has contributed to highly aligned transmutation in thousands of peoples’ lives while inspiring profound authenticity and unification with the light and grace within.

People who took this class say...

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I could not imagine a better teaching than that

“An immense gratitude for this beautiful initiation and teachings! I received so much and much more than I could imagine… I felt your generosity and love, as you truly support us to develop our "spiritual muscles". All this module was perfectly created, designed and delivered. So precise, and so precious.

I could feel the universal spirit through you, the sacred space, the elevating frequencies, the healing and the transformation. This teaching module is giving us the perfect example of how a "distance" healing is done, and its efficiency. I feel so blessed by your presence. We are all fortunate to receive this teaching from you.

Thank you for teaching us to be the light, for encouraging and spreading the healing in the world. You touch so many souls by doing that, you create a big reverberation in the circles around us, as we continue to transmit this healing. I am honored, I am humbled, I am grateful. And I love you!"

Naama Gabbay

Shamanic Healer & Teacher,
Light Language Teacher,


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My mind is
literally blown

“I am stunned. As I was completely unaware of the Inner Net before this class, my mind is literally blown. It feels like I stepped through a magical door, presenting me with what I was looking for since I recognized that I want to open up my healing abilities.

Right now I feel a little bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of this discovery but I guess this will start to shift as soon as I start to explore this space more and work with it.

I still feel strongly the echo of your emanation. It's hard to describe the sensation with words, but I feel at the same time firmly grounded and infinitely vast. The space feels... eternal and flooded with super high vibrational light.

Well, thank you for this!”

Sven Maler

Kindergarten Educator,



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A never ending wave of light that overcomes any type of distance

"My sweet beloved Homaya, I could spend all the words of gratitude, they would not be enough to express how I feel. This class was beyond what I could ever imagine.

Yes, I miss your classes in presence. They are really great! Yet, in this particular one, there were moments that I totally forgot the distance. Your presence was so strong that I could almost feel your breath.

Limitless transmission, is just like that, a never endless wave of light that overcomes any type of distance, making it shorter and present into the now moment.

You made this virtual space into a magnificent and exquisite classroom, where I could learn and deepen the knowledge of distance healing, feeling and experiencing this beautiful divine light, through your strong and loving presence.

I am (and all the ones who have been present, too) so blessed by this wisdom you shared! I bless you. I love you. I am grateful to you. My gratitude to all the lineage, masters and light beings, who made this possible."

Teresa Salgueiro

CMD (Chinese Medicine Doctor) and Intuitive healer,


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It is a huge amount of teaching for minimal fees!

"Peace be with you, Homaya. I've looked at the table of content, it is a huge amount of teaching and works for minimal fees!

So very grateful. Thank you, thank you! Listened to the consecration and felt nearly dizzy with tinglings on my heads and then down to my body.

Much gratitude to you."

Isabelle Lefaut

D.O (Doctor of Osteopathy),


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Today is a turning point

“Thank you, I did this initiation earlier today before work, I felt my whole being vibrate so much! I experience a beautiful serenity and gratitude dear Homaya, thank you.

I will be working with this technique every day for a week. Maybe more, I will feel it, as long as it is needed to align these forces. Intuitively I feel that I have a good amount of Cosmic energies (magic, inspiration, telepathy, divinity) but I have a lack of Telluric energies (ability to manifest purpose, inspiration and ideas). I feel today is a turning point for that, so much love dear.”

Mitch Hunter

Support Worker & Light Language Teacher,


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Gratitude does not describe enough the emotion of this teaching

“Sat Nam, In this download...I felt so much peace in grounding. Watering this transmission with sacred tears… So amazingly connected and open wide to the vastness. 

Gratitude does not describe enough the emotion of this teaching. I deeply feel this sense of grace in the stillness. I am moved beyond words. In reverence.

Claudia D'Emilia Iafrate
(Chandradev Kaur)

Community Sales Manager, Yoga Teacher, Sound and Energy Healer,


Lightworker, it is the time to shine your light and to be of service, in a greater scope, beyond any distance and physical space!

I am Ready For An Upgrade!

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You will be directed to a secure payment page to pay with a Credit card or PayPal, an email with relevant links and guidance will be sent to your mailbox immediately.

Your gifts are needed in the world now!

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