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The GreenHouse



A sanctuary & community created for you,
healer, coach, light activator and soulful seeker
to enhance your personal and spiritual evolution.

unfold a new stage of your light-filled presence

A One Year Soul Nourishing Mentorship With Homaya


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The Greenhouse sanctuary


Is a highly attuned container that comprehends, respects and values your nature.

There is a defined quality to the energetic constitution of one who has empathic, intuitive and psychic abilities, attributes that influence the way you interact, the way you move in life, and the way you digest and transmit information and light. And none of it is common.

 The Greenhouse exists..

For you to bloom and shine instead of dimming your light, for you to flow and fly instead of holding yourself back and feeling you do not fit. And for you to embrace and benefit from your energetic gifts and spiritual talents.

Grant yourself the gift of being a part of a wise, loving and supporting environment, where you can feel free to be the unique one that you are, free to expand, endlessly, and joyfully lead your life to the most benevolent place and state.

Master your wisdom, energy and light

Awaken a new way to manage your emotions

For  your quality of life, well being, health and meaningful relationships.

Activate your sovereignty

Feel energized, trustful and connected while creating the life you wish for yourself and humanity.

Attune with the most significant, high vibrational currents

Expand and let your constant upgraded vibe tune with all your life area, for your energetic resilience and uplifting joy.

Celebrate your life and your magic

How others feel about the greenhouse

“The Greenhouse is a super-charger for inspiration and alignment…”

Emma Jane Richardson
Psychologist and Coach

“'s a university where I can access master teachings and practices, it is a friend, it's a village, it's a hug and so many other things!

And if like me, you sometimes get overwhelmed and fall off the wagon, my experience is that just being in the room with

the GreenHouse will support you. Knowing that I can access all the content at my own pace and my own time without "failing the course" healed something for me in feeling that I can commit to a year-long program without it becoming a "job to do" or “a diploma to succeed”

THE Greenhouse is  A membership

It is a soul-filled companionship. It’s the place where you’ll:

Generate the conditions that support you establishing a new thriving relation to the physical plane (your money, relationships, creations and all things “real life”!)

Master your emotional body, cultivate a healthy self authority and keep your energy bright and light

Sharpen the tools and wisdom you have & the joy to keep your vibration high while you’re dealing with your life and professional situations.

Plug into an intimate and meaningful house full of like-hearted light workers… with plenty of room to reflect and breathe.

Let all of that be the blessings to hold even greater spiritual awareness, and loving presence.

Being seen and understood while you navigate through the brave work of spiritually evolving, personally and professionally expanding, is the anchoring you need while you rise from where you are at the moment and shine beyond what you can see.

The experience went beyond Greg’s expectations…

Greg Boudy
Energetic Healer

“I joined the GreenHouse from its beginnings in October 2019… and I am still completely in. I would never have imagined that a virtual place could be so powerful to the point that it would literally impact my daily life in such a profound way. And that it could transform me the way it does…

Homaya holds the energetic space of the GreenHouse with outstanding mastery and she keeps insisting on the fact that this space isn't actually created by her but rather by the presence of all the members in it.”

Whether working with energies has always been familiar to you, a natural home,

Or you discovered the divine path through a sacred unforgettable moment of initiation in your life.


I sense you’re here because:

You are sensitive and empathetic. You see and feel things that many people around you can’t grasp or even imagine. You are ripe to bring your multidimensional magic to your life and relationship.

You sense and perceive so much energy from ALL… although it feels fragile at times, you know that subtleness is magic and  you wish to master holding and generating much more energy consciously.

Your sensitivity and psychic ability sometimes can feel heavy to bear; however, you are ready to navigate your life and business in resonance with that gift, for you, for all to prosper.

You yearn to establish the feeling of being both steadfast AND elated, live with expended confidence, bliss, and unshakable connection to yourself, Spirit, and Source.

You want to scale up in your services, break  beyond illusionary limitation so you can generously spread your glorious light and make a profound impact through your work and your art.

Here’s how your time & energy in the GreenHouse will help you create the mastery you’ve been searching for:



is where you begin

It’s a 6-month self-led course giving you the space to cultivate and establish your emotional:

  • maturity
  • independence
  • intelligence

Intimately knowing where you stand emotionally, learning how to master this free flowing energy that reacts to others faster than response to your needs, and having the ability to harness this fantastic emotional body, will elevate your relationship with yourself and with others and will move you into intentionally projecting a brighter reality.


is what you build

The subsequent 6-month course that bolsters your self-authority and anchors you into creator consciousness.

This shift from the fatalistic feeling induced by your sensitive nature will open you to leading yourself and others to a life aligned with prosperity consciousness, original presence, high value, natural embodiment, inner strength, and freedom.

Each SEED contains 6 modules that will be released monthly and include pre-recorded teachings, inner work, meditations, and activations.


Live teaching

is where we meet

Every month I’ll be offering high vibrational teachings relating to relevant energies, cosmic opportunities, and notable topics that are current to you in the Greenhouse. 

This will deepen the lessons of both Rise and Shine, bring new dimensions to your inner process, be an opportunity to answer your questions directly, plus you will no doubt learn by witnessing my exchange with others.

you'll also get...


Exclusive greenhouse facebook group

This is the space where companionship is magnified to another level. You will be able to connect with each other as you walk through both Rise and Shine, share about your process, growth, celebrations, inner and outer world experiences and consciously tune to the current energetic movements.


masterclass access

Throughout your year in the GreenHouse, you’ll receive access to an additional masterclass for being a part of the community. This activity might run over a few hours or few days and will be introduced occasionally.

The Masterclasses will be offered live and the recordings will be available during your time in the GreenHouse.

Flowers & Fruit

Exclusive first offers and special pricing

Your work will be reflected back to you in many beautiful ways. This is but one. Exclusive first offers and special pricing.

Owning your light and intentionally creating the next chapter of your life requires building the spiritual muscle of being emotionally mature and operating far away from any residues of victim consciousness. Instead, it is feeling comfortable to generate high vibrational energy and consciously be the master of your reality.


You have the talent to do it all, once you choose to master and lead your life.

You are invited to evolve, bloom and shine inside

The GreenHouse


A sanctuary for healers, coaches, light activators and soulful seekers who are moved by their calling to serve greatly and celebrate life.

To join, choose the path that best fits your light:

12 Months of Light & Evolution inside

The GreenHouse

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Payment Plan

444 Euro (x3)



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Happening Now

“My prosperity consciousness increased miraculously”

Dr. Henia Lichter
Ophthalmologist and Energetic Healer

“The personal development and evolving of consciousness that I have gone through and additionally the entire family, my clients, my environment and my entire life in this period is unbelievable...

During the last year, as a result of being part of the GreenHouse, the practice and the community, the level of my feeling of liberty, and self-trust up-leveled to a whole new stage.”

This is a becoming. Becoming...

more resilient and less easily swayed by the energies of others

balanced and aligned while embodying all that you are learning, experiencing, and recognizing on this magical path of light.

masterful in your presence in both your private and professional life.

a clearer channel for the light; to broadcast it far and wide… brightly, and consistently.

“The GreenHouse lifted me up and gave me the greatest gift of all... a wholehearted ME.”

Lai Wan
Public Servant

"A year ago, by the time I entered the GreenHouse, I was emotionally devastated... There wasn't any standing stone... I felt the need to turn my world upside down or, otherwise, I would become seriously ill...

The GreenHouse was "the" answer to my inner calling... Every theme tackled and developed in this spiritual nest was already incubating within me for years… But those seeds were only waiting for the right Master to flourish…”

All together, The GreenHouse will bathe you in:

Monthly precious, long-lasting moments of paradigm-breaking and truth-establishing practices, teaching and activities.

Dozens of light activators on the path alongside you, awakening to light and light service, inside a safe and private group.

Direct access to Homaya for clarity, guidance and loving support.

… And there is so much more richness to this experience that is simply beyond words!

By now, dear one, most likely you simply feel it yourself!

Welcome home


Join Us Now

“I highly appreciate being part of this group of committed people to evolve and awaken the mastery within”

Filipa Abreu
Pharmacist and Homeopath

“I began a beautiful cycle in the GreenHouse this Spring, and since then a soft and sharpened guidance entered my life.

Different topics each month presented with a Teaching, a Sharing, a Practice and an Alignment session make the fertile soil for golden seeds to burgeon.

Every subject links the next with a mastery that opens new paths. With the gentleness of each step, layers of consciousness are shifted, and I am becoming more and more aware of the subtle energies of life.”

We can do that when you step inside The GreenHouse

Welcome prices


Payment Plan

444 Euro (x3)



Pay in Full & Save

1240 Euro

(310 Euros Savings !)


the greenhouse activity Is

Happening Now

The greenhouse 

The Experience



An essential key to your evolution is self-parenting your emotional being.

This self-led course will be delivered monthly throughout the first 6 months of your time in the Greenhouse.

In it you will give energy and attention to your emotional body as it is a precious factor for your well-being, quality of life, health, beautiful relationship and your most reliable manifestation tool as an empath. 

  • Module 1 - Emotional maturity 
  • Module 2 - Creating emotional energy flow
  • Module 3 - Emotional Cycles 
  • Module 4 - Triggers & Reactions
  • Module 5 - Your place in relationship
  • Module 6 - Emotions Working For You


A full realization and acceptance of the power that comes with your highly sensitive nature — your ability to be constantly connected to source.

From that state you create, and establish a high vibrational state of trust in yourself and the world, awareness of the way your soul contract unfolds and strength to lead yourself and others, as you are.

This self-led course will be delivered monthly starting in your 7th month in the Greenhouse.

  • Module 1 - Establishing your self-authority
  • Module 2 - Shifting beliefs and taking responsibility
  • Module 3 - Actively Co-creating Reality 
  • Module 4 - Awakening the Strength of the Master
  • Module 5 - Freedom & Movement
  • Module 6 - Fully expressing your Life




Live Teachings

90 minutes of high vibrational teachings relating to relevant energies, cosmic opportunities, and notable topics that are current to you in the GreenHouse.  This monthly live (and recorded for those who can’t make it) experience will deepen the lessons of both Rise and Shine, be an opportunity to answer your questions directly, plus you will no doubt learn by witnessing my exchange with others.





excLusive greenhouse facebook group

Here is where you’ll share about your process, growth, inner and outer world experiences, AND connect with each other for support through both Rise and Shine.


maStErclass access

Throughout your year in the Greenhouse, you’ll receive an additional masterclass for being a part of the community. This could be a masterclass, a workshop, or training- a few hours experience that might be spread over a few days, that supplement the live teachings and reinforce the insights you gain from Rise and Shine. 

The Masterclass will be offered live and the recordings will be available during your time in the Greenhouse.

Join us now

“I transformed my pessimistic and skeptical self into a blissful inner peace, joy of life and living”

Habet Ogbamichael
Healer, Coach, and Possibility Management Trainer

“The clarity Homaya brings in my spirituality and energy work is profound and practical...

She encourages me to deliver my gifts to the world, and also to transform my life in a way that benefits my inner and outer balance…

I love Homaya’s honesty and passion.”

Questions highly sensitive souls have asked before entering the GreenHouse:

a letter from the guide and mentor of the greenhouse

Beloved one,

Being empathetic, visionary, clairaudient, or clairvoyant is both natural and unusual.

Reading thoughts, healing with your hands or healing with your presence are supernatural powers that are meant to be used and need to be developed.

You were born with those qualities, you were born for this, your entire life, step by step, was designed for it!

You are attracted to metaphysics, spirituality and the pure divine light because the bridge is open for you!

And your entire constitution shows it, your hypersensitivity is just a part of it, it is the signature that shows it.

Your numbness bar is different from the rest of the people around you, most likely it is even different from your family members.

How can you explain how the scratching of the ticket of your T-shirt feels on your skin- to someone who needs to take hallucination drugs to feel what you feel? How can someone understand how it is to live skinless? You process differently, You digest differently, You express differently.

Do you not deserve support for this?

Just think about it for a moment- Like a runner does not have the same muscles and body as the rest of us, do you really believe that a person who runs so much light in a day will have the same body as everyone else?

Most likely in your life, you have had very few experiences where you could have learned how to live with your supernatural qualities. Taking classes and workshops has supported you to feel at home, to connect to your light family and to feel that your sensitivity is indeed a power. Yet it was not enough for you to truly learn how to live with this power in your daily life!

The time has come to own your entire template of a light worker, an empathic being, and a seeker.

More than that —

The time has come to MASTER IT!

I needed to go through this journey my entire adult life, I needed to learn how to live with hypersensitivity, to make a profession and a life out of it.

I needed a daily awareness and attention process, to transform myself from feeling like a dry leaf in fall, surrendering to emotional gravitation, and experiencing matrix limitation that I couldn’t echo with, into becoming a master of light. And this is what The GreenHouse is all about.

The time, the place, the people, the conditions and the teaching. To transform your sensitivity to mastery!

You were born for this. You are ready for this. You deserve it! I hope you will join us.

Waiting for you in the GreenHouse, with all the rare flowers and outrageous one-of-a-king (it is not a typo!) plants that seek light and love as much as you do!


Love you!


I hope you will join us, dear one — you were made for it. Welcome home. It is yours.

The Greenhouse

You were born for it.

Welcome prices

Payment Plan

444 Euro (x3)



Pay in Full & Save

1240 Euro

(310 Euros Savings !)



Happening Now